Haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d share some issues with my quest to purchase a keyboard that would suit an admin and student that is in front of a computer for > 12 hours a day at a time currently. I started finding that my regular membrane keyboard would give me finger fatigue from typing all day long.

Here are a few models I’ve tried and the issues with them so far:

Das Keyboard Model S Professional:
Excellent keyboard with Cherry MX Blue keys.
I honestly loved this keyboard but it was too noisy for an open office environment. I would recommend this to someone that intends to use this for gaming or for their home office. If it weren’t for the fact that the keyboard was too loud for my work environment, I would have kept it.

Corsair Vengeance K60:
Marketed as a gaming keyboard due to the swappable contoured keys with Cherry MX Red switches.
I used this keyboard for quite a few days, the keys are great for someone doing a lot of typing. The main issue that I had with this keyboard may not apply to most people. As an admin, programmer and unix user, I often use the | (pipe) command a lot. I thought I was having a one off issue with my keyboard but today I realized that when I type |, I often hit a shift-pipe-spacebar combination. On this keyboard, the result is the following combination of keys being output:

|| ||

This of course has driven me nuts and I will be returning this keyboard today. Even though the keys are great, I believe I should get a keyboard with cherry mx brown keys.

I will update the post when I find my replacment.