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Terminating a stuck or frozen ssh session


I thought that I’d enter a quick post tonight about quickly and easily terminating a stuck or frozen ssh terminal. Most people know these keystrokes, so this is geared towards those new to linux and ssh.

If your session is stuck, to terminate the ssh session, type these keystrokes separately:

"Enter" , "Tilde(~)" and "Period(.)"

These three simple keystrokes should then terminate your current ssh session.

To be more adventurous, if you keep ssh sessions open to systems outside your network, you can use autossh with screen. Will cover this in another post

disk cloning


If you use linux, you must have run into the dd command at some point in time.

On most distributions, dd and ddrescue come standard, and with these simple tools, you can zero a disk partition or even copy a disk directly.

For example, in order to copy a disk using dd:

$ dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb 


$ ddrescue -v --force /dev/sda /dev/sdb

I prefer the second as it will show you the current status.

Other options include using a clonezilla cd which works on multiple platforms, and also allows you to boot to a shell and issue the above commands if needed.

Mechanical Keyboard Review Part 2


So I finally decided to update my post on my search for a great mechanical keyboard.
After more research, I caved in and bought a Filco majestouch 10keyless from

I also ended up picking up a keycool 10keyless as well for work.
All in all, typing on these keyboards seem to have sped up my typing. They also do not seem to exhibit the keystroke issues I noticed.

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