About Me

I was born on the sunny Caribbean Island of Trinidad and later migrated with my family to Toronto, Ontario where I currently reside. I have always been interested in computing due to my family’s background of running a number of clearical schools in Trinidad that also taught computing using early IBM machines. Being around my very technical and mechanically inclined father and loving and intelligent mother that was also a teacher before I was born, helped me further my academic and life skills.

As I grew older, I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Ryerson Univerisity in downtown Toronto, amidst the hussle and bussle of the big city. All through University I have either worked or consulted for many IT companies and upon graduation, began working as a Mainframe Application Developer for a large financial instituion.

I then continued my learning process by completing my IBM System Z Computing certificate at Ryerson University again, which at the time was one of the only Universitys that carried IBM Z/OS mainframe courses. When the opportunity arose, I completed my Masters of Science in Computer Science with a mixture of full and part-time work for my final thesis.

I’m also a handy car and motorcycle guy, was pursuing my Private Pilots License(PPL), Ham radio operator (VE3 AWG)
I’m a systems guy/programmer/all around handy man, and I love all things tech and then some!

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